Happy birthday to Apurba, Ayyash

Popular actor Ziaul Faruq Apurba has had no plans for his birthday since the birth of his son Ayyash. Both father nad son share their birthday being on the same date on June 27.

Apurba’s popularity is still with the TV-loving audience. His only son Ayyash is now standing in the queue of that popularity.

The father is very happy to receive such a son. However, Ayyas has received the Shako Telefilm Award for Best Child Artist in recognition of his performance in the drama ‘Bini Shutor Tan’. Ayyash received the award on July 18 last year from internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Runa Laila.

Regarding their shared special day, Apurba said, “Honestly, since Ayyash’s birth, there have been no plans for my own birthday because there is so much organizing around Ayyash.

I forgot about my birthday in the joys of that event. Although there is no plan for this birthday, I can’t wait to tell you what the day will be like. I pray to Allah to keep us well and keep us healthy.”

Apurba did his last drama about four months ago. If Coronavirus outbreak had not started Apurba was supposed to start work on his second film opposite Nusrat Faria under the direction of Shihab Shaheen.

Last Eid, Apurba was seen in ‘A Studio Love Story’, ‘Niye’, ‘Take Care’, ‘Rudro Ashbe Bole’, ‘Arrange Love’, ‘She Bhalobeshechhilo’ and a few other titles. He was mostly seen opposite to Mehazabien Chowdhury, Safa Kabir and Tanzin Tisha in these dramas.

Updated: 16/10/2020 — 12:15 PM